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Hill Rise Ranch

How it came to be

  It started three generations ago. My grandfather brought his wife and young family down from Devon to this little patch of dirt. He began working for Shell Canada, and started  a side hustle as an Arabian horse breeder, naming his place Hill Rise Arabians.  

  When my wife and I were looking for place to hold our ceremony, we knew we wanted something outside, unique, and sentimental. This little meadow behind my Grandpa's old house was just the ticket! Moreover, it was CHEAP.  There were tons of people complimenting the ceremony, and saying that we should be renting the site out to other couples. So here we are!

  Our aim to is use our family ranch to provide you with the beautiful woodland backdrop that you've been dreaming of, and customize it to drop the jaws of all your guests. Let our family come along side yours to create the memories yours will cherish forever at Hill Rise Ranch.

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